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Fine Embellishment Everything from hand engraving and scrimshaw to filework and carving. The fine art end of the knifemaker's craft.

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Old 08-29-2002, 02:29 PM
spatters spatters is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: ca.
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I have a question about micarta and scrimshaw

what's the best micarta to use for scrimshaw linen or paper based?

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Old 08-29-2002, 02:40 PM
Tim Adlam's Avatar
Tim Adlam Tim Adlam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Oshkosh, WI USA
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Hi Steve,
Linen micarta would be my choice over paper. The paper micarta tends to bleed ink outside the lines. It can be a real pain at times! Of course, all scrim artists prefer ivory over all else. Polymer ivory can be a reasonable substitute, but it can be brittle.
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Old 08-29-2002, 04:24 PM
george tichbour george tichbour is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Mississauga, Ontario,Canada
Posts: 478
I have tried the polymer Ivory and didn't like it....too many tiny bubbles that trapped the ink.

White corian is the best that I have worked on followed by black waterbuffalo horn. Ivory coloured paper micarta can be good or full of cracks, varies from batch to batch. Linen micarta looks pretty good but I have not used it.

Mastodon is also a good surface when polished.

george tichbourne
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Old 09-04-2002, 10:57 AM
Lori Ristinen Lori Ristinen is offline
Steel Addict
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: Menahga, Minnesota, USA
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I have never used linen micarta for scrim. I was told to stay away from linen (and canvas) micarta because the fibers can get in the way. When I do scrim on micarta, it is paper based micarta. Black paper based micarta takes a shine better than the "ivory" color. But I would rather work on black bufalo horn.

Of course, if I had my choice of materials it would definitely be ivory-especially elephant. In my opinion it is the softest and easiest to scrim, not to mention the finished scrim looks better on ivory than micarta.

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Old 09-30-2002, 02:20 PM
Steel Addict
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Michigan
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My wife Diane (the real artist) prefers ivory paper micarta; the threads in the linen micarta have a tendency to snag her tool. She also works with ivory, corian, bone, anything that will scratch...please check out her other work at:

Tim Hecht
I want that Knife
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Old 09-30-2002, 03:13 PM
Bob Sigmon's Avatar
Bob Sigmon Bob Sigmon is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Plymouth, MI
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Welcome to the CKD!

That's a nice scrim job! Your wife really has some talent.

I like the photo, you should enter the 'weekly' photo contest. No charge, no prize lots of praise and bragging rights.

Bob Sigmon
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Old 10-01-2002, 12:08 AM
Tim Adlam's Avatar
Tim Adlam Tim Adlam is offline
Join Date: Jun 2002
Location: Oshkosh, WI USA
Posts: 1,486
Welcome Tim and Diane!
Glad to have you join us here.
I hope you find this forum interresting and thanks for contributing!
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Old 10-01-2002, 05:40 AM
Crex's Avatar
Crex Crex is offline
Join Date: Sep 2002
Location: Acworth, GA and/or Hanging Dog, NC
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Very nice snook on that Almar! How does your wife get the ink to fix to the media? I've had trouble in the past gettting it to take a set.
If you want a sheath to match you might try Sandy Morrissey. I saw one of his custom tooled sheaths for a long fix blade that had both a snook and a redfish on it and there was no doubt as to what you were looking at.
If you're quick he might remember how he did it (just kidding Sandy !)
You might get him to post a pic just to get a good look at some fine sheath making.
Again, that's some nice work!


Carl Rechsteiner, Bladesmith
Georgia Custom Knifemakers Guild, Charter Member
Knifemakers Guild, voting member
Registered Master Artist - GA Council for the Arts
C Rex Custom Knives

Blade Show Table 5-J
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