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Remember Bowie's Hammer-in? We may resurrect it...

Long time no post (Howdy Tai, Dana, etc!), but I felt this merited doing so .

My local guild meeting was today, and as it was too hot to do any forging we were just talking. Someone started lamenting that Ron Claiborne's annual knifemaking hammer-in is no more, as is Ron, for that matter. Someone suggested that we, the State of Franklin Blacksmith's Guild, host a similar event.

Question: If we do this, it will be at Rocky Mount State Historic Site in Johnson City, Tennessee. Would you attend? Assuming we can get the usual suspects rounded up (Burt Foster, Bill Wiggins, Fuad Accawi, Stephen Fowler, Lynn Landrum, Mark Zelasky, Wes Byrd, Richard Williams, etc., plus some new faces), get some vendors, maybe a hammer and press and grinders, and do a long weekend, primitive camping available on-site, and I might be talked into doing a smelt.

We're thinking sometime next spring or next fall. Lots of family-friendly activities close by, lots of outdoorsy stuff, good restaurants (lots better than near Bowie's!)

Any interest? It will be either free or very low admission. Lots of good stuff in Iron in the Hat. Let me know here, please.
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