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Dig a hole and fill about 3" with cement and while it is still wet place the stump onto the cement fill around the sides and wait for it to dry. Make certain it is even by filling the hole with 1/2 to 1 inch round river rock in a 2/4 inch thick layer pounded evenly into the ground. I have used a 4x4 to pound rock/sand into the ground before. Also used a 10 lb. sledgehammer just like the 4x4, hold the handle and drop the head down onto the rock, but I covered the hammer head with a piece of scrap leather. Even used a 15 lb. dumbbell weight once. Those dumbbells are great for pounding fence posts into the ground if you don't have a post driver.

Also how do you plan to put the stump together? If nailing it also use Liquid Nails generously. You want the stump to effectively act like a solid piece of wood. Put a base on it to assure the bottom is even and nail some boards evenly around the top, not on top, they might split.
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