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Made up a mock up fixture from aluminum and that seemed to be ok. Decided that using a center finding punch will work. This adds an extra step in the process yet would allow me to verify drill location before going at it since some parts may be sized slightly different.

Was going great on making up the second jig and the final part was to drill the hole for the punch. I didn't see the drill deflect while in the vise and it somehow drifted .02" off. Arrgh!!! I was amazed at how simple this was yet it took 3 hours to build up. I don't get where the time flies in situations like this. This contains 4 holes, 2 tapped, cutting the alu out then a mark around the whole fixture to indicate center...3 hours!!

Will get to make up the third since the second got botched. The more I make the faster I get but this is crazy. The first one took 10 hours including the design phase. <doh> LOL. Definitely not speedy.

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