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Originally Posted by BigD
Thats pretty COOL Tracy( spelling??) I have been trying to think of a way I could get a rest withought it being a guide , dont want to take all of the talent out. I was admiring your welding job there , looks like you on it , :biggrin1:
Just givin you a hard time. :bolt: Don't
Great idea's bolth of you guys. I'm off to the shop to do some thinking now.
Your observant on the welding. It would have to improve to look like crap. It's been awhile but I think I stick welded it with a 6011 since it was so dirty and man does that stuff spray every where. Since I welded this gizmo up, I got so disgusted with stick welding I bought a 180 Hobart Mig. I lay a bead down now that won't turn your stomach.arty:

There is a line, somewhere, that crosses from hand made knife to machine made. I don't really know where that is but using a tool rest to grind with isn't anywhere near it. Resting a blank on a tool rest is simply a way to steady the blank. You are doing all the rest.

I was using a push stick for this but I quite using that since I lost the very subtle feel of the blade angle against the wheel. Now I use a pair of gloves and push the blade against the wheel with my thumb. This will work for flat grinding also. I'd say using this tool rest cuts down grinding time by at least half and reduces rejects from slips, sneezes and twitches by at least that much.
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