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I can't say enough about vinagar. Some people think taking vinagar regularly will prevent cancer. I say, hey, it couldn't hurt. I do know I get cramps in my fat belly from coughing and a sip of vinagar relieves them instantly. Sure a bananna will do the same thing, but I don't always have them on hand. I give my little boy vinagar, sugar and water when he wakes at night with leg cramps and he goes right back to sleep.Regular intake of vinagar is said to relieve arthritus. Sore back muscle pain can be the bane of the knifemaker from standing at the grinder. Try it next time sore back muscles keep you up at night. Hey, it couldn't hurt.

Warning, drinking straight vinagar can take your breath. mixing with water is recommended unless you are use to it. It's like doing a shot of whiskey. Don't breath till the fumes have settled...heehee

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