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help with value of original cold steel recon tanto

i recently traded into an original 1980's original cold steel recon tanto fixed blade.
the knife is new but does not have an original scabbard. it does have a very nice custom leather scabbard that fits the blade well and loks good as well as a production leather scabbard that fits the blade "ok" but is much more heavier made than the custom.
the recon tanto has a "matt" finish to the blade and the brass pomer and guard are also a "matt" finish. the blade is marked with "cold steel recon tanto " on one side and " made in USA" on the other . it is very lightly marked ..not engraved but it is legible.. can anyone give me and idea as to the value of this blade? the knife has NO marks or wear at all and is new. i can e-mail a pic
thanx in advance
john in houston'
e-mail is

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