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I've always liked the cold weather! I was just one of the unlucky ones getting this Lupus stuff. I thought it was done with me after the Docs said "In your case Lupus has attacked your lungs, causing interstitial lung disease", but have since learned it got the name "Lupus" because it ravages one body part/system after another.

During the visit, the Doctor did say that he was a little confused because my last two blood tests showed the Lupus markers were showing normal, but the tests also showed my body "leaking" proteins, and those levels have gone up consistently over the last 5 months. From what he said, it's not a matter of IF there is kidney damage, it's a matter of determining the level of the damage. So, next up for Ed is a kidney ultrasound, and then a biopsy to determine where things are. Will let everyone know when I have some news. In the meantime, I appreciate the prayers!


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