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I'm working my way back!

Decided it's time to get back on KN and get going. For those who don't know, I've been facing and chasing health issues for more than a decade.

Finally, after some time at the University of Washington Medical center in Seattle, I have been diagnosed with Lupus, which has attacked my lungs, causing interstitial lung disease. I'm still making knives, just sometimes slower than I used to, and some days the body just won't allow it.

The Covid pandemic put a big whammy on me, and kept me pretty much a hermit until I was able to be vaccinated. My Docs said if I were to get covid, I'd likely not survive with how messed up my lungs are.

Fast forward to now, and although there are days I struggle. I have decided to open back up to teaching classes, and have already filled the dates through early October. If anybody is interested, you can find the particulars here..... Classes


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