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I bought Warther at a garage sale right down the street.

It was $8, a 6 inch chef and I really liked the jeweling pattern on it. The lady selling it said she couldn't sharpen it. It was a little dull along most of the edge and real dull on the tip and on the rear heel of the blade. Looked like she may have been cutting on a counter top. Imagine my shock when I went to sharpen it. I had to use my 1x42 belt sander with 220 grit SC. A few zips across and then I finished it on my diamond Eze Lap stone. I researched it and was totally surprised at its real cost. I took it back and explained to the lady what she had. I charged her $8 for sharpening it and buffing up the handle. Gave her my phone number for when she needed it sharpened again. She never called me, been almost 2 years now. She lives down the street and I see her out once in a while.

I made a mistake in my 1st comment, Warther uses S35VN not S30V for their knives.
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