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You might want to look at Warther knives.

They are American made and are very nice knives. They are not "cheap" if by that you mean inexpensive. If I were to make you a set of kitchen knives, something I excel at, they would be "expensive" if you go by the high end price of factory knives, but my kitchen knives are exceptional and you need a diamond sharpener to sharpen them, which isn't very often because I use S30V steel. Warther Knives are made from S30V steel if I'm not mistaken. So if you want a set of kitchen knives mine are 3 knives, a paring knife, a medium chef's knife and a boning/fillet knife. I have found that most people do not really want a big full sized Chef"s knife, but prefer the medium 6 in. blade.

Warther knives can be looked at here.
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