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Drilling Stainless Steel


I am based in the UK and new to knife making. I am interested particulalry in making foldiers and have started out by making a couple of kits from Texas knifemaking supplies. That went well and I am now trying to make my first folder based on their small lockback design.

The difficulty I have is drilling stainless steel. I have a reasonable drill press but the questions I would like to ask are:
1 what sort of drills should I be using, I have seen 8% Cobalt, Titanium nitride coated and also solid tungsten carbide which are nominally for the printed circuit board industry. In the UK there is very little difference in price between a TC drill and an 8% Cobalt ?
2 What speed should I be using my drill at? The handbook recommend about 1100rpm for stainless and it will go down to 500? Particulalry when drilling small holes of 2mm or so
3 How much pressure should I apply when drilling ?

hope you can help

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