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JUST A WARNING! EVERYBODY, and I mean Everybody who sells folder hardware is chasing TiConnector! There are a few, like the owners of these forums ( who are distributors for TiConnector, but most who are advertising "Titanium Folder Hardware" are simply trying to sell cheap knock-offs.

I just got an email this morning, from one of the popular knife supply outfits..... now offering "Titanium Folder Pivots"! Yeah right! Typically, China made titanium hardware is even worse tolerance than their steel hardware.

The big difference is the tolerance/accuracy of the part. I have sat in Steve Kelly's shop (Steve is the creator/owner of TiConnector), and watched him mic every part that comes out of his screw machine. He is one picky son of a gun... I'd guess that only about 75% of what the screw machine puts out, every leaves his shop. He's told me time and time again, that if it's not "dead on" he doesn't want it leaving the shop. He's about making the kind of hardware that he wants to use in his own folders.


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