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Ed Is Right On The Money.

I've worked in the aerospace field literally since the 1970s. I've done precision sheetmetal and precision T.I.G. welding, welding to tolerances that many welders think are impossible. I've made folders in my time and like Ed I just the liner lock when done right. No looseness allowed, no loose blade in any direction.

I also avoid Chinesium parts like the plague. Even their sheetmetal sucks, 16 gauge is .061, US made 16 ga. will run .058-060 and Chinesium is .055-.056, the .056 is at the bottom of the tolerance with the .055 out of tolerance. All of their hardware is like that, barely in tolerance in areas of it.

I have made a few folders, but they are expensive and not being well known are a hard sale. I like utility knives, hunting and fishing, with a big fondness for kitchen cutlery. I made a filet knife for a backpacker once out of .093 D2 and a liner of .050 aluminum glued to Micarta with a titanium locking liner. All drilled with lightening holes, including part of the blade. Weighed just under 4 oz and the blade was 5 inches and handle 5.5 inches. Cost $250 in 1990's dollars, but he got what he ordered. Oh, it came with a 4oz belt sheath too, he didn't even want thicker leather. 4oz is 4/64ths of an inch or .063=1/16th. Leather is measured in an old English antiquated measurement, one square foot of leather weighing one ounce is 1/64th of an inch thick, .015625, or most just say sixteen thousandths of an inch.
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