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Howling Moose
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FSOT: Bruce Evans "Dragon Slayer" 12" Bowie

took this in trade - is nis. - I would rather that this very special blade have a home where it will be allocated it's proper recognition! (I'm just a "tactical dweeb" at heart)

- Bruce Evans "Dragon Slayer" (EDS)
A massive 19" OAL - 12 inch Blade of hand-forged 5160 round rod, 3/16" stock with a full 4" sharpened top edge, and detailed filework on top edge in front of the guard - 6 inch handle of black Water Buffalo horn and a 5160 framed handle with a decorative pin and steel pins, nickel silver ferrule in front of the mild steel guard - comes with a leather sheath. $725 cash or trade.

Photo -&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp

Test review - a MUST read...

Trades wanted like these: Hossom, Brend, select Strider's, Simonich, Darrel Ralph, John Smith, RJ Martin, Hartsfield, select MadDog Labs, Osborn, Snody, Lightfoot's...similar tactical fixed blades or folders
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