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Brand new member from Texas - Bowie knife nut.

Greetings. I was recently invited to come over here in hopes that I might continue to learn about my favorite knife subject - Bowies.

I have been logging on at the Blades forum site (Big Ugly Tall Texan wouldn't fit here for some reason) for about a month now, trying to get information to help me with my choice on a new Bowie knife.

As a Texan, I have always been fascinated by Bowie knives and the Bowie legend. I have learned more about the subject in the past month than I learned in the previous 624 months of my life.

I used to think the only kind of Bowie knife was the James Black Bowie and the type of knife I recently ordered

a Bear MGC Bowie. BOY was I wrong.

I had never heard of the Musso Bowie before a few weeks ago. Now, I have gone from thinking that might have been Jim Bowie's knife to wondering if it is even the genuine article. My jury is still out on that one.

One of you guys over there read my musings and suggested I might log on here and learn a little more. Well, here I am.

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