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Its getting a little easier

After the first 2 blades that I made the third one went off pretty easily.

I ended up getting a dremel and using the reinforced wheels to cut it out. File the snot out of it to get it profiled with a little help of an old 1X42 grinder with 80 grit.

I finally got a coarse and fine metal file to get the bevels and finishing the profiles. I figured out a few tricks to get my plunge lines symetrical. This one actually came out really nice IMO.

I got access to a drill press, and bought a good drill index for steel. Its amazing that they actually cut good when you use them right.

Im donating this knife to a hunting club I belong to, and am working with someone to make a sheath for it, as I have no means of doing that part yet.

I have a total of 9 hours in profiling and finishing this blade. I did however screw up bad on the thumb groove. I had a shallow thumb groove to start, then decided to do some filework in the groove, and it was awful. So I filed out the filework and now I have a deep thumb groove.

All in all it didnt turn out "bad". Leaves room for improvement, but I think the club will be happy with it.

I got my stamp from Everstamp and it is a work of art. I learned you HAVE to have a completely flat surface to stamp. My first 2 blades have about 75% of the stamp done marked on the blade. Trial and error. But im getting the hang of working the files to their ability.

This pic is from last weekend after about 5 hours of work. I drilled it today, and am finish sanding it to go off to HT. Along with the other 2.

9" overall. Fits well in the hand.
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