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oks havent had chance to do much as ive needed to get things made

But after burning out several plugs and extension leads with metal dust getting in them and getting hackked off with constantly swapping plugs on the extention leads to use various machines as well as tripping on leads

ive put in the ring main for the grinder room (tho it still goes back to a single extension from the house feed in till i get a 40 amp supply put in propper)
and due to blowing several plugs (tho to be fair they where on the floor under the grinder ) i decided to fit IP66 rated sealed outdoor sockets these arnt cheap but B&Q do their own version now which is half teh price but still a hit but its good to know its less likly to fry something

this is 2 separate incidents


so open up and plug in

close lid to seal

its so nice to swap back and forth between machines with out swapping plugs

Also got most of the Grinder related bits on the wall out the way and to hand

and as you can see even with hoovering the pristine white is now quite grubby showing how much stuff you can get in your lungs

plus i really need to get rid of some worn out belts

And top Buy so far has been a Trend Air Pro Face mask no more coughing up black lumps of goo and its fairly comfy keeps you cool though you do get a bit of neck ache afte 4hrs grinding
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