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Bob Warner
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I stumped it. Here is proof. You will see that if you stump it, you are asked for some more info so it will not be stumped on that character again. It also askes who you are. Here is the reply you get if it can't figure you out:

Well, there you have it, I was wrong again. I was positive that you were Bull from Nightcourt! But you are far too clever for a puny computer like me. Now you can go and tell everyone while I sit here and try to put the pieces of my crumbled existence back together.
You can help me with one thing, though. If you tell me who you were and give me a good yes/no question, then I'll be able to guess it right next time. Wouldn't that be nice? But please, try to pick a general question that would be answered "yes" for some characters and "no" for some others. For example, "Are you Monica's brother?" is a bad question, because the answer is "no" for many many characters and "yes" for very few.

Who was I?

Ottis from Mayberry RFD The computer guessed Bull from night court.

Really cool site.
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