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Well as ray told me DO NOT make a knife mummy meaning not to wrap it in a bunch of bubble wrap yeh putting bubble wrap is ok to put it in the box just don't wrap it up he made a good point the customer has waited for this knife and is excited then they open the box and OH NO now he has to un wrap all sorts of bubble wrap that's no good I have been making smaller folders I put them in the link below these are from smokey mountain knife works they seam to be the cheapest but they are on many supply sites some padded some not and they come in all sorts of sizes so even for knives bigger than my folders they are out there. Another thing ray showed me that I think is a very good idea is make up a certificate on the computer list all the info about the knife ..size,steel type, grind, anything you can think of print it out and sign it it deffinitly gives a profeshional feel to the whole thing....hope this helps
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