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City Boy Anvil Stump

Living in the burbs I had hard time finding an old tree stump for my anvil. I had found one but it was a bit short as I pulled it out of someone's fire wood pile instead of being able to cut it to the right size myself.

I had some old 2 X 4's and plywood laying around my garage from other projects so I pieced them together into the anvil stand seen in the pictures below. I cut the plywood for the top into 1' X 1' squares and then cut the 2 X 4's in to 1' lengths. The stand is held together with dozens of wood screws also left from another project. I put screws in from both sides so that it was secure and built it up from both sides. Then alternated each row of 2 X 4's screwing them into the bottom. My daughter calls it the giant Jenga. It's not pretty but it is effective.

If you don't have the scrap sitting around it shouldn't cost you more than $25.00 for the lumber at Lowe's.

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