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On your grinds Tex?

On knife one that grind looks pretty good, not too steep and closer to the spine than the edge by a good margin. That is how I tend to grind my hunting knives, close to the spine, not doing a scandi grind.
The second knife could stand to be a little shallower, but not bad.
Now the third knife the blade isn't as wide as the other two and the grind looks a little steep and would look better at a shallower grind.

Now how thick is your steel? Reason I ask is if you're using thicker 5/32 steel you need to take your grinds almost all the way to the spine as that is pretty thick for a medium hunter like you have here. 1/8 in is what I make medium hunters from, slices better. Except for number three they are pretty nice, not too steep and maybe could be a bit shallower, but not enough to worry about.
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