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Learned a bit more yesterday, when they knucklehead Doctor who gave me the bad information called me personally, trying to apologize. Which I found very odd. I was pretty short with him, and actually before I said something stupid/rude, I hung up on him.

Later that day, in a discussion with a friend who's a Doc..... What I found was that had they not caught that I'd not been off stuff that thins blood long enough, there was a a 95%+ chance that I would have bled out, or at the least lost a kidney to keep me from doing so! Now it makes sense why that Doctor called...he's afraid of a malpractice suit! Which of course I won't be doing, but I have already secured another Kidney Doctor, and once this biopsy is done on Friday, I will be calling the knucklehead's office and canceling any further appointments with him.
We just keep telling ourselves that God has a reason for the delays. For right now the pain is keeping me down on the couch for much of the day.
I'll let everyone knows when I have more info. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!


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