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Higonokami Process Part #2

Starting with 3/32 flat stock for the blade, pre-form the chikiri.

Hot forge the chikiri over the edge of the anvil.

File the chikiri to shape and fit the blade into the handle.

Shim and clamp the handle to drill the hole for the 3/16 aluminum-alloy rivet.

Use a wing nut to temporarily hold the knife together while working on it.

Rough grind the blade to shape.

Lots of tinkering, fit and finish, heat treating the blade etc...

The finished higonokami.

... and lastly, a plug for my new book using this knife process for the illustrations.

"The Embryonic Higonokami" book on Amazon:

"Join the author as he takes us on an inner journey, into the deepest levels of the subconscious mind. Oneironaut Tai Goo, shares his unique experience with dream recall, lucid dreaming and “yoga nidra”. He uses a higonokami styled knife, he made, to symbolically illustrate his exploration of consciousness. This knife's edge represents consciousness. This is an informative, fun to read and fascinating book for anyone interested in human spirituality and an inner space adventure."

Tai Goo Knives:
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