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J Loose
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Hey Mike,

No problem- I've been playing office all #### day so I know just where everything is... ;-)

See my forge on my web site in the Studio section- it is deeper than most forges of this style. Right now you can see how the probe inserts in a small hole off to one side of the forge doors and goes in about 1 foot. The eventual plan is to put a larger hole in the top of the forge so I can drop a long blade in to heat-treat.

These are the parts- the first is the digital readout by Extech and the second is the actual probe from Fluke. Where the probe enters the forge it passes through a piece of refractory, since the handle is plastic... no meltdowns yet.

Anyway, these are from

4PC60 ( $119.00 ) p. 1424 catalog no. 391 00-01 but 4PC59 would work ( $89.00 )

1T323 immersion probe p. 1427 ( $47.00 ) Doublecheck on this one when you call- I'm 95% sure it's right...

Total cost with shipping was $180.00 or something. Very useful!
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