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Yeah, the vinegar with dissolved iron oxides from the blade will stain the wood even without boiling. The dissolved Fe will react with the tannins in the wood and turn dark. Higher the tannin level the darker the stain. Oaks and most maples will go coal black.
Boiling is not necessary just a warming plate (like for you coffee mug) or a hot light/lamp will suffice. One thing that helps with the etching is aggitation....some use acquarium pumps, etc. to keep the vinegar in motion.

It's a lot of fun to experiment with etching.
The first blade in the pic below was an experiment using some resist and a little imagination. Not exactly what I was shooting for, but turned out pretty neat. The blade is forged O1.
The second blade is OSB (old saw blade) and the etch was just enough to highlite the quench line. The guard, pommel and acorn are WI etched in the same solution. Sorry the picks don't do the WI justice, the ecth really brings out the layers just like PW steel.
The third blade is just some random pattern PW etched with the same solution (15n20 & 1084).
Note: I etch my blades before installing the handles.

Agree hole heartedly with Ray on the hardness factor for O1, that little blade would snap like glass in a leg bone joint without great care. Probably cuts like son of a gun, though.

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