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"Quiet Time"

Some of the guys were going into Panama City, prob the Crystal bar, our favorite hangout.I told
them after all the excitement, I was going to seek some quiet.I got with my two Mexican friends
from Cotullia Texas,and told them I was heading out to Taboga Island, where we had a radar site.
Ramon Selvera and Gregorio Martinez were their names, man could they sing some beautiful harmony.They agreed to come along-I told them I planned to Ice down a case of beer,sit in the moonlight on the beach, and sing till the cows came home.They were good with that.....
I gathered up my old flattop guitar and we boarded the mail ferry out to the island.I checked in
with some friends that were stationed there, but they were working that night.I actually enjoyed
being away from the gin mills for awhile.Man that was relaxing.......

"Further posts of this story cancelled due to lack of interest....on both the author's and reader's part".

I once complained about having no shoes,
until I met a man who had no...guitar

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