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I doubt if its been heat treated, it is probably just springy in that cold roll condition. A hacksaw blade wouldn't cut it easily either. Just because it's a slight blue doesn't mean it has a HT. Remember it is a spring steel and that stuff has been cut from plate and I've seen lots of thicker steels with that blue color that were not high carbon. I seem to remember that when rolling some steels they heat them to prevent work hardening though not enough to call hot roll, I'm not sure though memory isn't what it used to be.
Is it simply marked 6150 with no paperwork of where it came from?

You could contact several steel suppliers to see who makes 6150 as I'm sure there can't be many.
Also you can have it Laser Spectro-analyzed by Peters Heat Treat in Meadville, PA, 814-333-1782. I do not know how much they charge though, they did it to some Files I sent with some O1 tool steel knives to be HT and it was part of the service.
BTW old Nicholson files are almost exactly the same as W2.

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