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Dealer fees - ouch!

This is in another industry though it shares a similar feeling to having a fee schedule for another's service. I hope that this does not transition into knives because the feeling is quite souring.

For a good spell this dealer was priced at 20%. I felt this was reasonable and they had a good share of clients that would allow them to sell their goods. They had a decent flow of items that generated revenue. I stopped in to discuss some items and was told that they now are 30%!

The week prior I had some items up FS and there will be that individual that wants to smack you upside the head and basically take the stuff. Not only was I to absorb the PayPal fees, I was to include a discount and shipping for the items. Anyway...

I suspect that the shop wants to get out of that side of the business or they are playing for any 'client/suckers' willing to submit to 30% out of desperation.


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