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john_smith 02-08-2021 05:51 AM

Damascus Steel
Hi There,
I am a newbie to this community and found this website through a Google search. I joined this group to share knowledge with people and gain more insights about Damascus steel .

I want to tell you that I have little information about Damascus steel blades or knife and want to know more about it. If someone has a query, please take it further so we can discuss and gain more information about it.


RochelleReed 04-22-2021 11:41 AM

Hello, I am also new. Welcome me :p

jimmontg 04-23-2021 12:01 AM

Well welcome to the site Lady and gentlemen. I have not made very much Damascus, but it turned out all right when I did. Made it from the standard 15N20 and 1080 steel. I used a Natural Gas forge and a 50 lb. Little Giant trip hammer. Like I said, it turned out OK, but not great. I didn't get the pattern I wanted and can't really sell it for very much as it looks like good quality Made in Pakistan for $5 knives. So I'll sell my Alabama Forge Damascus which you can immediately tell is much much better.

Ed Caffrey 04-23-2021 10:52 AM

Welcome to KN folks! I've been here since the forums beginnings. I have extensive experience with Damascus. Ask away, and I'd be happy to answer.

You can find my personal forum here:

You can find a lot of info on my website:

and lots of Damascus pics/knives that I've produced here:

If you're far enough along that you're interested in Bladesmithing classes.... I can help there too.....

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