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M&J 04-10-2021 05:43 PM

DRO on your drill press?
Off on I debate addding this to the drill press. Most my depth limited drilling I have jigs or use feeler gauges for. The thought is "I've done with out it this long ...?" So basically it is either a through hole or I slide a feeler gauge and go.

It would be nice to have some visual feedback so this is one of those areas. Your thoughts?

jimmontg 04-11-2021 04:46 PM

Seems a large expense for something easy to do by hand.
I do not see the need for the expense, but my 10 inch drill press has a pretty good depth stop/gauge on it that is a solid stop, no flexing. It is a Skil made in Taiwan, I never buy made in China if I can help it, especially power tools. It is a matter of conscious more than quality, but quality too. I do not want to support possible slave labor nor slave wages.
Anyway my depth stop is on the handle where it joins the press and it spins around. It has centimeters and 1/2 inch increments on it. I can set it at zero anywhere and then adjust using the centimeter gauge and if I need precision I use spacers, but I can get pretty close just using the stop.

M&J 04-12-2021 03:38 PM

Thanks Jim, saves me the expense for something that may not truly be necessary. If this were a mill the visual confirmation may be nice. For typical drilling this is an added expense that I've done without this long.

jimmontg 04-14-2021 11:56 PM

You're welcome Michael, glad to help. In all the time I worked in sheet metal and welding I don't remember ever using a DRO on a drill press nor on a mill, it was always with the readout on Z movement handle. I never had an DRO for up and down, always x and y.

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