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Ed Caffrey 05-23-2021 03:41 PM

I'll be out the next couple of days
Just wanted to let everyone know that I'll likely be out/not on the forums the early part of this week. Monday morning is a kidney biopsy, which in itself isn't a big deal, but afterward I have to lay flat on my back for 4-6 hour at the hospital, then for another 12-18 after I get home. Cindy is taking a couple of days off work to make sure I'm doin what I'm supposed to.

Then, Wed is the Doc visit for the results.
The kidney issues are all because of the Lupus. I'll let everyone know what the results are.

bjmac 05-23-2021 04:21 PM

Good luck and thanks for the heads up. As always, anything that I can do to assist you, just let me know.

fitzo 05-23-2021 06:48 PM

Good luck with it, Ed.

KenH 05-23-2021 08:27 PM

Good luck and listen to the Boss

M&J 05-23-2021 10:12 PM

Best to you on the biopsy Ed. Rest up!

cdent 05-24-2021 12:05 AM

Hey Ed, have you and Cindy in our thoughts and prayers.

TexasJack 05-24-2021 01:22 AM

You're in our prayers.

Ed Caffrey 05-24-2021 11:31 AM

Kidney biopsy got cancelled! Rescheduled for Friday, May 28th @ 10am. Got there this morning, went through everything, and when they asked how long I'd been off supplements, I told them for 48 hours as instructed..... that was wrong....gotta be off of them for 5 days! CRAP!

So now I'm trying to shuffle all the appointments that were dependent on those test results.:banghead

Gliden07 05-25-2021 08:53 PM

Hope it all works out Ed!! Prayers to you!

Ed Caffrey 05-26-2021 07:27 AM

Learned a bit more yesterday, when they knucklehead Doctor who gave me the bad information called me personally, trying to apologize. Which I found very odd. I was pretty short with him, and actually before I said something stupid/rude, I hung up on him.

Later that day, in a discussion with a friend who's a Doc..... What I found was that had they not caught that I'd not been off stuff that thins blood long enough, there was a a 95%+ chance that I would have bled out, or at the least lost a kidney to keep me from doing so! Now it makes sense why that Doctor called...he's afraid of a malpractice suit! Which of course I won't be doing, but I have already secured another Kidney Doctor, and once this biopsy is done on Friday, I will be calling the knucklehead's office and canceling any further appointments with him.
We just keep telling ourselves that God has a reason for the delays. For right now the pain is keeping me down on the couch for much of the day.
I'll let everyone knows when I have more info. Thanks for the prayers and well wishes!

bjmac 05-26-2021 08:44 AM

That whole episode was Gods way of saying "look out ya got a moron for a doc. I'll take care of it and we'll get you a new one ".
Take it slow and easy, son.

KenH 05-26-2021 09:11 AM

Rest and take it easy Ed - Best of luck to you, and Prayers are sent your way.

M&J 05-26-2021 12:41 PM

Wow!! There is a reason for everything glad that this did not go south.

I often grumble about how "life" works. I remind myself that God works in strange and mysterious ways, that some of these "learning experiences" are beyond my understanding.

fitzo 05-28-2021 04:29 PM

Hope things went well today, Ed, and it wasn't too excessive an ordeal. Best wishes...

Ed Caffrey 05-30-2021 10:38 AM

Biopsy is now complete. It will likely be late this week before results are in. I also dumped that idiot Doctor, and will take the biopsy results to a new Doctor. He couldn't be bothered to see me prior to being released from the hospital...and had some intern, that barely spoke English covering for him/releasing me.

No disrespect intended to anyone, but I simply don't get how we have "Doctors" in the American medical system that cannot speak enough competent English, for a typical English speaking person to understand. The only way I knew anything about my "release instructions" was to read them in written format...AFTER I got home.

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