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  5. Definitions, Ethics, Collectors doing their homework
  6. Aftermarket Impact on Primary Market Sales
  7. Any advice on Dealing with Knifemakers?
  8. Getting In Magazines Part Deux!
  9. What Steels are the Money Makers?
  10. How does a makers' backlog affect aftermarket sales?
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  25. Commissioning a for-show only bowie - which steel?
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  33. A View From the EDGE!
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  35. A quality isseu thread I'd appreciate Les' comments on...
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  37. ? about Lile style 100 - Circa mid 70's
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  39. Insurance Policy: Knife Shows
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  41. I've decided to build a shop, now what?
  42. What "TYPE" of business should knifemaking be?
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  44. Traveling with cutlery
  45. What are you tracking?
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  47. War footing
  48. Coloring in Folders
  49. just found this place
  50. business plan
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  52. Is this normal?
  53. patented online lookup??
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  55. Maker's Backlog???
  56. inquiry per hits?
  57. This might help someone.
  58. Figuring your shop rate???
  59. Shows and how to choose them...
  60. Work hours in your shop.......
  61. getting my knives to shows I don't attend?
  62. Insurance for knifemakers
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  64. thanks Les
  65. I found liability insurance for knifemakers!!!
  66. Payments
  67. OT Anyone own a Knife Sharpening/Rental Business?
  68. Question for Business Plan
  69. This site is saving me money
  70. Appearance Fees
  72. small batch of knives sale ?
  73. Order Form
  74. How Many a Month
  75. Using a web page,sales?
  76. Business vs. Hobby
  77. Health Insurance
  78. Nico of South African Handle Supplies
  80. Now Accepting Consignement Knives for
  81. Possible Scam Alert
  82. Folding daggers/Double edged blades?
  83. logo
  84. Makers how do you feel about dealers openly undercutting your prices?
  85. Makers How Do You Feel About Dealers Undercutting Your Retail Price...Part II
  86. How do you know when it is time?
  87. making a company
  88. sales tax
  89. Makers and Dealers. A business partnership
  90. How much should a Maker, expect to spend a year??
  91. Warranting your knives
  92. visitors in workshop.
  93. To custom or not
  94. From the "Have your cake and eat it to" Department
  95. Looking for E commerce web host
  96. onion fund launch
  97. sword Law
  98. Got Rampage today :)
  99. RJ Martin
  100. Thank You
  101. Markup on materials
  102. Another maker with "pricing" difficulties
  103. Mammoth Ivory
  104. Indonesian Credit Card Scam, Help Please
  105. excepting personal checks
  106. making it
  107. Licensing for the part-timer
  108. Selling your Craft: What makes it all worth while
  109. Down-payments on knife orders
  110. It's all in the marketing
  111. Question about pricing while using exotic materials?
  112. The custom knife selling business
  113. Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  114. Nigeria the new Indonesia
  115. How can you tell if it is time to start openly selling?
  116. BAKCA Custom Knife Show Aug 28 & 29
  117. Lasting trend?
  118. Sheaths
  119. Protection
  120. Web Site Updated
  121. Holding a Knife, for how long?
  122. Disclaimers and Insurance...?
  123. Off to the Chicago Custom Knife Show
  124. Off to the Spirit Of Steel Show!
  125. Web Site Updated!
  126. How to start selling?
  127. Types of customers in the Custom Knife market
  128. Lord Vader, your bowie is ready...
  129. Merry Christmas
  130. Congratulations To RJ Martin
  131. Info About Jack Walden?
  132. Headed For the Las Vegas Classic Knife Show
  133. Marketing to women
  134. Les is a good guy!
  135. Current knife selling climate.
  136. KNet Classified Feedback?
  137. OK, Now it's the Makers turn to answer
  138. The Blade Show is looming!!!!
  139. Blade Show
  140. Damascus
  141. camp knives or cutting comp. knives
  142. How do you make "part-time knife maker" work?
  143. Part-timer Questions
  144. Spirit of Steel Show
  145. PayPal Problems? Things I Didn't Know About
  146. Any new Laws??
  147. native american period knives
  148. Congratulations to Sam Butler
  149. Biz license
  150. How can I get my profile published
  151. "HOT" Makers wanted
  152. "HOT" Makers Part II
  153. Las Vegas Classic Knife show...What did you think?
  154. Web page and business/legalities
  155. Blade Show...Who's Going and what are you looking for?
  156. Robert Rippy knife ID
  157. Fighter knife by Ricardo Romano / Brazil...
  158. Getting a brand name for my knives
  159. Wheres the best place to sell online.
  160. My RJ Martin knives
  161. Bob Neal
  162. Spirt of Steel Knife Show Business of Custom Knives Seminar
  163. bladesteel
  164. Subhilt fighter by Romano / Brazil...
  165. Moving to New York State, Am I in Trouble?
  166. Consigning Knives With Dealers
  167. Not interested in the business side of things..?
  168. Let's hear some stories!!!
  169. Legal Issues?
  170. OK , I have a silly Question
  171. Hi everyone. I am so excited to find this site again..!!
  172. engraving - on the cheap
  173. Discount to dealers?
  174. Attending shows, How important?
  175. SWOT Analysis
  176. anyone ever heard of Geisler?
  177. G W Stone MK254 Knife
  178. 1st Try at Website construction.....
  179. ambidextrous makers
  180. Who is using the OS Shopping cart on your AV website?
  181. Knife making buisness question #1
  182. Buisness question #2 - Websites
  183. Alain Desaulniers + J.Young.
  184. Payment methods
  185. How Set The Perfect Price For Each Knife???
  186. hollow handle knives
  187. Possible solution if you want to accept credit cards
  188. Unanswered Prayers?
  189. Alternative to insurance?
  190. Knifemaking - a business?
  191. Website advice wanted
  192. What pictures to keep
  193. appraisal needed
  194. Who made this knife? It is for sale but I am not familiar with the logo
  195. Is this Jan unusually slow or is every Jan this way?
  196. Anyone consign with dealers??
  197. Les Robertson!
  198. US Customs help request
  199. Certificate of Authenticity
  200. Proving authenticity as being eligible for discount
  201. Production Collaboration Deals
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  203. Shopify
  204. simple cad program?
  205. Trying something new - making a blog
  206. Submitting Knife Designs??
  207. Are knife magazine ads worth the investment any more?
  208. What happened to the Les Robertson Forum?
  209. Which printed knife magazine(s) do you read monthly? (POLL)
  210. Should I enlist a knife dealer, or sell directly?
  211. As a business
  212. selling to friends
  213. Knifemakers database?
  214. Hi
  215. Signing Filework
  216. effective marketing strategies?
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