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1850's Buffalo Hunter Set - Sticker and Skinner


Poster: Chuck Burrows  (see all of this user's photos)
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Date: Thu Sep 9, 2004
Description: 1850's Buffalo Hunter Set - Frontier Shear Steel? Sticker and Skinner with Buffalo and Buckskin Sheath
Knife Name: CactusRose #9
Made by: Chuck Burrows & Gib Guignard
Handle: Sticker-Deer bone and Rawhide; Skinner-Elk Antler & Pewter
Blade: Frontier Shear Steel ?
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Registered: Dec 2006
Posts: 1
Thu Apr 12, 2007 4:57am

i tell ya one thing them is the best looking knives and scabards i have seen bar none. keep up the good work, i really enjoy seeing your work .
C Craft

Steel Addict

Registered: Jul 2008
Location: N.W. Florida
Posts: 280
Fri Feb 20, 2009 5:03am

Absolutely fantastic work. The knives were great and the bead work on the sheath is awsome. I have tried my hand at a project with the small beadwork like you used at the top of the sheath and was ready to pull my hair out before I was done. So I can appreciate the amout of time and effort that went into that sheath!
Can I ask you a question about the tack work. I recently done a rawhide sheath with the tack work. Not sure if I did them right but I took the tacks, layed out where I wanted them, cut them to length and started the holes with an awl. Then I would put a dap of epoxy on the back of the head and drive them into the hole and wipe of any excess. Is that the proper way of doing the tacks?
After all I didn't want them falling out later!

C Craft Customs With every custom knife I build I try to accomplish three things. I want that knife to look so good you just have to pick it up, feel so good in your hand you can't wait to try it, and once you use it, you never want to put it down ! If I capture those three factors in each knife I build, I am assured the knife will become a piece that is used and treasured by its owner! C Craft

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