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Old 07-19-2003, 06:18 AM
T Blade T Blade is offline
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3 material pattern weld


I've had success with welding L6 (bandsaw blade) and low carbon steel (pallet banding strap) together. Now I want to weld 01, L6 and low carbon together. I have the bandsaw and low carbon steel, while these are around .050" X1 1/4" I want to weld them to a piece of 1/8" X1 1/4" of 01 which I ordered from TKS. I've only ordered 1 foot of length which I want to configure to end up being the edge of the blade. I'll stack the thinner material on top of the 01, after the first weld, I'll fold it so the 01 is on the outside of the bundle, after that all fold should keep the 01 in the center, which should give me an edge of 01.

After the billet is complete I want to form the blade by stock removal so as to show more layers.

Do you think this is a logical sequence to work with?

I am using a Don Fogg style forge for my pattern welding.

Larry T

Member of NECKA & NCCA
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Old 07-21-2003, 11:46 PM
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Ed Caffrey Ed Caffrey is offline
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I think the way you mentioned would work OK........however, it's just my opinion, but why put yourself through all of that, running a high risk of goofing something up, when you can simply weld up your low carbon/L-6 billet, cut it in half and then place the O-1 between the two?

Either way will work, it's just a matter of personal preference as to how you want to arrive at your desired destination.

"Nobody cares what you know.....until they know you care."
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Old 07-23-2003, 12:25 PM
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Why are you wanting to use low carbon in your mix? It certainly won't add anything beneficial to the final blade.
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Old 07-23-2003, 01:22 PM
fitzo fitzo is offline
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Larry, have you tested the banding strap to see if it is low carbon? I'm just curious, as a lot of strapping material is actually high carbon steel that will harden.
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Old 07-23-2003, 05:08 PM
T Blade T Blade is offline
Join Date: Jul 2002
Location: West Warwick, Rhode Island
Posts: 96

The technique you?ve suggested, sounds like a previous posting, if I remember correctly. Ori Awasi San Mai method (couldn?t remember that name, so I looked it up in ?The Complete Bladesmith?) I believe J. Loose and yourself had a discussion about the construction of this type of Japanese design.
As the cutting edge will be the 01, a low count of layers on the pattern-welded material wouldn?t matter, as it will have low carbon in the mix.
I?ve been looking at this stack of material, 9 pieces of low carbon, and 8 pieces of high carbon, (still waiting for the 01). If I started welding as is, I?d have 16 welds to perform at once?phew?too much.
I think I?ll spit the stack in half and do two separate billets, the previous billet that I had success with is that amount of steel in the stack, 5 low carbon, and 4 high carbon.
If the welded billets look good after removing the scale, I?ll try adding a ladder pattern to it. As it will be welded to 01, should I grind the 2 billets, (1 side only for pattern), stack to the 01, weld in one operation, then draw out to final length and flatten the ladder groves in second operation?


This if from a Master Bladesmiths? publication, ?Do not worry about the mild steel being folded into the center of the bar since by the time you are done with all of the weld/forge/fold/weld processes, the mild steel will be scaled off from the outside surfaces and the high-carbon/low-carbon laminations will be welded into the center where the edge will be. ? But using the method described by Ed, the mild steel in the mix will be a moot point, as the blade will have a tool steel edge.
By the way, Stevie Ray Vaughn RULES!!


My previous pattern welded blade has only 36 layers, after heat treatment, a low carbon edge of about 3/8?, which would not stay sharp, not good for a knife. As it was an exercise in welding, the edge was not the main concern.

If everything in my mind, comes out onto the steel, I?ll be happy.

Larry T

Member of NECKA & NCCA

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