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Old 07-01-2005, 09:14 AM
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Let's "build" a Randall "camp" knife

My fellow knife freaks,
This will be the second in the series of Randalls "built" by you. The first threads were very well received and everyone I have spoken with, emailed and PM'd have expressed a desire to "continue" with this series....I hear ya'!
This Randall is going to be our ultimate camping knife. Keep in mind general camping chores. Unlike the last series which concentrated on hunting "all" types of game and ended up with the construction of a Model #3-5" "Hunter", this knife needs to lend itself to other projects as well.
We are not going to chop down trees with this Randall, but may, indeed, have to whittle small limbs to roast marshmallows and hot dogs. We are not going to spend all day butchering red meat, but may very well cut up a medium-well charcoal broiled steak. While doing these things we may also have to cut up a head of lettuce, peel some spuds, slice tomatoes, and spread peanut butter.
This is not to say that this Randall "custom-camper" is going to be used exclusively for eating-related chores. It just shows that, right now, I'm hungry and ya'll can see what's on my mind. Everything from cutting small to medium-sized ropes, to clipping the end of good "Bolivar" double chateau should be considered.
I cannot praise enough the need for a good small to medium-sized camp axe or hatchett. Let us all assume that we have one "before" we start to build our custom camper. As a matter of fact, if ya'll want to list your favorite camp axe or hatchett, or both: please feel free to do so. At the end of this series, I will get in touch with Jim Behring, aka "Treeman" and get his input on that subject and order a small axe or hatchett to complete this project! The lucky winner of the "closest to the pin" number guessing game that we play at the end, will be able to purchase this custom camper Randall, as well as the axe/ hatchett!! Sound like fun? I think so. Go for it!
I'll be on the road for a few days, so "start it off". I will check in from time to time. If someone posts ideas that are not available from the Randall shop, I will correct this by letting you know. This has happened in previous posts and I feel that there is a good chance it will happen again. This series is going to consist of 4 parts. The last series contained more threads than was really necessary. I believe we can do the same thing in 4 and keep participation high on all threads. The series will go like this
A) Let's choose a general blade shape and length.
B) Let's choose a specific Randall model and blade length and blade steel.
C) Let's choose the handle options and shaping.
D) Let's choose the "other" options and sheath.
That should about cover it. Let's start off by voicing our ideas as to the general shape we want this Randall "custom camper" to be. Do you want a blade shape similar to the Model #3 that was previously chosen? That would consist of models such as the: Model #3, Model #4, Model #6, Model #7, Model #20, Model #21, Model #22, Model #27, or a "Denmark" special. That may not be all that would be "clumped" into that huge group, but...You get the idea. Blade shapes with a trailing point or caping style, more or less.
Second general blade shape would be to choose from the "drop points", consisting of: A Model #11. Model #16, Model #18 ST/NST, Model #25, Model #26, Model #5 ST/NST, Model #14 ST/NST, Model #15 ST/NST, Small and large "Gamblers", and a "Combat Companion".
Third group would consist of the "clip points" of various shapes and sizes. They are: The Model #1, Model #5, Model #8, Model #10, Model #12-6" "Sportsman's", Model #12-9" Sportsman's with #14 grind, Model #14 (std.), Model #15 (std.), Model #16 "Spl. #1 fighter", Model #17, Model #19, and Model #23.
Fourth group would be all of the "bowie clip points", such as: Model #8-4" "old style trout and bird", Model #12-6" "Little Bear", Model #12-9" (std.), Model #12-11" "Confederate and/ or Smithsonian", Model #12-13" "Raymond Thorp", and a "Stanaback Special", either in 4" or 4 5/8".
O.K. that about covers it. There are certainly more Randall models than this, but I have not mentioned them > All other "dealer specials" I would not be able to deliver. That would make the "winner" guessing for a number to be put into the hat for a Randall that he could not receive. I did not mention the various models of stilettos as I feel that they are more suited for a straight "fighter", but if ya'll want a "toothpick" of Model #2, or a Model #24......Go for it and speak up!
O.K. Now get busy, folks and I will check back in a couple of days. Have fun, be civil, debate like gentlemen and ladies,and "HAVE FUN". The next series in these threads will start in a week's time. Best, Captain Chris Stanaback.
P.S. Happy 4th of July to all! Have a safe holiday!!

Captain Chris Stanaback
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Old 07-01-2005, 10:36 AM
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Although it would limit the options severely, my choice for blade shape and length would be a 6" blade with a Model 6 grind. I think this knife would be up to about anything a camper could throw at it. Should be a great slicer and dicer and would probably spread peanut butter like no other . I guess my second choice would be a 6" clip point.
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Old 07-01-2005, 11:10 AM
tunefinK tunefinK is offline
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For light camp chores the drop point 4" or the clip 4"...... now I have to choose. :confused:
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Old 07-01-2005, 02:31 PM
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jclarksnakes jclarksnakes is offline
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...My initial thought for the ideal camp knife is a 5 or 6 inch Model 5. But I do see lots of merit to the idea of a smaller blade and also see the good in a Model 6 grind on a 6 inch blade. I think the way to get a #6 grind on a 6 inch blade is to order it on a Model 4. I know there are several different models that you can order with a #6 grind but this may be the only way to get it 6 inches long. There are actually many sizes and shapes that would make excellent camp knives. A Model 7 comes to mind as the small slender light weight choice but it would be too small for many chores. The 6 inch Model 5 or 6 inch Model 4 with a #6 grind would be the ideal bigger choice for putting a little more leverage on when cutting bigger tough items. A Model 22 or 23 or 8 might also be good choices but they may also be a tad too small for many camp chores. The 5 inch Model 25 might be a good compromise on the size and weight. The larger Stanaback might also be a good choice. I am just thinking out loud here. At this time I am not ready to place a firm vote on anything.
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Old 07-01-2005, 03:28 PM
pigsticker pigsticker is offline
Join Date: Jun 2005
Location: Kansas City, MO
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Talking camp knife

My camp knife would be a model 5-5 or C.C in the 5 inch. I think a 6 inch is to big. A 6 inch blade gets in the way when you try to sit down. A 5in blade will cut,sclice, dice and even make a nice hot dog stick. Now dont get me wrong a six inch blade is nice, but in my experinace I find the 5 inch blade to be just the right size to do about anything in a camp.
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Old 07-01-2005, 08:24 PM
dirty water dirty water is offline
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Mr. Sticker:
I agree with you on the CC, (preferably stainless), now anyone who knows DW, knows that my idea of roughing it camp style is at the Holiday Inn w/ no cable! However the top grind of the CC seems to be perfect for whittlin' those ther' hotdog sticks, leaving the bottom edge nice and "at the ready" (as Dave Griffin use to say) sharp for any of the hunting and fishin' duties. DW
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Old 07-01-2005, 06:41 PM
grindo grindo is offline
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Location: Orlando, Fla.
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Jeff, I agree on the 4-6 6-9 grind. Really be able to spread the peanut butter with that one. I guess we still make those, haven't seen one go through in a few years though. Dan
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