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Heat Treating and Metallurgy Discussion of heat treatment and metallurgy in knife making.

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Old 03-05-2019, 08:01 AM
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Nitro-V HT issues

I've posted this on the FB forums and contacted NJSB to get help on my problem without getting my issue figured out so hopefully someone on here can give me some insight.

NJSB revised their HT process for Nitro-V last weekend. Prior to the revision people were claiming to get an as quench of 63RC without cryo. The new HT data for Nitro-V dropped the austenitizing temperature from 1950 degrees to 1900 degrees and says a RC63 is possible without doing a cryo treatment. I've made 4 blades last weekend, 3 with the old recipe and 1 with the new recipe. The highest RC i have been able to get with either was an as quench of 60RC (New HT recipe) prior to cryo. Using the older recipe i was constantly getting an as quench RC of 55-56. Once I put the 55-56RC blades into cryo the RC would jump to 60-62

Has anyone else been having this issue with the NJSB's Nitro-V?

This is my process and checks, maybe someone can see what I am doing and maybe make a recommendation on what to change.

(Updated HT recipe, No cryo)
Blade washed in dawn dish soap and put into foil packet
Kiln ramped to 1725 and blade put in, held 20 min
ramp to 1900 hold 15 min
(Two additional pyrometers were attached to the kiln to verify benchmark temps were achieved )
Plate quench with 1"x7"x 11" aluminum plates and air compressor
once cool, the steel was tested with my Wilson 4JR Rockwell tester. (The rockwell was checked against a 63.1RC test block and i am reading within .5RC of the block) I tested between 59.5-60RC over 5 tests. I ground the face with a 50 than 400 grit and retested in case of any decarb, There was no notable increase in the RC

I understand my blades made with the old recipe aren't going to be optimal. Is there a recipe to normalize them and try again? With the new recipe moving forward am i to assume adjusting my austenitizing temp will allow me to get a higher as quench RC. If so, would I adjust the temp up or down. And how much up or down would I want to adjust it?
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