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Old 12-26-2020, 05:27 AM
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Question How to Use a Butterfly Knife

X4EeIAtqbO - Copy.jpg

If youíve ever seen them in action before, youíll know how mesmerizing these spinning wonders can be. When theyíre wielded by skilled hands they seem to float and glide through the air. The good news is that with the right techniques and a little patience, you can learn how to use a butterfly knife just as efficiently.

Whether youíre looking for a fun hobby, or youíre fixated on the skill, youíll find simple and easy to follow tips, tricks, and techniques to get you started right. Youíll be guided through safety, handling, maintenance, and some beginner-friendly tricks that are easy to learn. So whip your butterfly knife out and letís jump in!

How to Use a Butterfly Knife Properly

Butterfly (aka. Balisong) has been around for quite a bit. While they can be incredibly fun and flashy for tricks and artistic expression, they can be devastatingly dangerous. Recall the first time you held a butterfly knife in your hands after watching a skilled set of hands handle it. You think itís easy until you holding it without the foggiest clue what to do.

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing any new Balisong owner is learning how to use a butterfly knife safely. You can move onto the flashier tricks without mastering the basic mechanics of the knife. The first thing you need to do is standardize the way you hold the knife. If youíre right-handed start with the knife facing up so that the cutting edge of the blade is facing to the left.

This will protect you from accidentally flipping the blade open onto your finger. Itís also the starting point that many beginner tricks begin at. Never try to go too fast with a Balisong. Always take your time to build up the muscle memory needed to get through the tricks seamlessly.

Treat the knife as though itís dangerous and might cut you or hurt somebody around you. With that kind of respect moving forward, youíre not going to be foolishly launching the knife into the air to impress your friends. With that all said, letís move onto the fun part!

Butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners

As we touched on earlier, although these knives are potentially deadly, theyíre incredibly fun and rewarding to master. Here youíll find some of the foundational beginner tricks for opening and closing a butterfly knife. Letís take a look.

Butterfly Knife Tricks for Beginners Ė The Basic Open Trick

The first thing to take note of is which handle is the safe handle. This is the handle on the unsharpened side of the blade (itís also the handle without the latch coming out its base). Hold the knife in your right hand so that the safe handle is on the right side. Use your thumb to hold the safe handle securely, but not overly tight.

Tilt your wrist to the left and flick it back to swing the other handle and the balisongís blade over the back of your hand (on the finger-side of your knuckles). You should see the blade pointing straight forward and the other handle dangling over the back of your hand. Now, rotate the knife in your hand.

Flick your wrist to flip the non-safe handle over your hand. It should now be making contact with the blade again. The unsharpened side of the blade will be resting against the back of your finger/hand now. Now youíre going to need to flip the non-safe handle back into your hand.

Move your thumb out of its path as you flick your wrist again. As the non-safe handle lands, use your thumb to secure it again. You can also do this opening trick horizontally. Just start from a hand position thatís 90į from the first one.

Quick Tip:

Bear in mind that this is going to take quite a bit of time to get right. So break it down slowly into the steps above and practice your way through each of them. Build up muscle memory before trying to increase the trickís speed. To close the knife, start by holding the safe handle. Flip the knife over the back of your hand (non-safe handle and the blade).

Rotate the knife 180į by twisting the safe handle. As it reaches the full rotation, flip the handle over your hand again. The blade will be pointing straight out and away from your hand, and the other handle will be dangling over the back of your hand. Move your thumb out of the closing motionís way as you flip the non-safe handle and blade back into their closed positions.

There you go! This is probably the most important trick to learn. Despite being quite foundational, it looks and feels impressive once youíve built up a little speed. Donít go too fast too soon, especially if you havenít built up the necessary muscle memory. Practice each step Ė one at a time Ė and piece them together gradually.
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