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Old 11-04-2002, 07:38 PM
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Ramblings on the 2002 New York Custom Knife Show Part 2

started in other thread ...

For the first time I got to check out in person the knives of Jerry Hossum they are everything they have been reported to be. Jerry's knives are without doubt all about the balance. Big or small they all handled exceptionally. I personally picked up a nice little blade about 1 1/2" long of 154cm with 4" micarta handle and mosaic pins. A great sturdy sheath came with it. What can I say, it was just too cute. This one too I will attempt to get a photo posted. Jerry was telling me that here in Noo Yawk City where the legal blade limit is 4" max. his best sellers were his biggest knives. Well that's New York for ya. In any case it was great to finally meet and speak to someone who had until then been just words on a screen.

Jerry Hossum's table was bordered by Steve Fecas from whom I had purchased a semi-skinner bladed folder in the past and Kurt Meerdink (meerdink@warwick,net), who has the distinction of being my first custom knife purchase (I got one of his very early pieces). Further along was Bob Lum ( I was admiring one of Bob's pieces (a two bladed liner lock) when along came RJ "Randy" Martin So there I am getting to shoot the bull with two well known makers as they discuss heat treating and equipment and all the related whatnot. (this is what I go to show's for!) Randy didn't have a table at this years show he was over at Les Robertson's (thin crust NY Style pizza Les, every time :LOL ). I got to say hello to Tom Anderson and Tom I will try and make the Folder-in next year. Gary Levine told me that he was having a good show. I am going to have to make the show he puts on in Connecticut one of these years.

Once again Jonathan Loose had an assortment of viking inspired designs. I really liked one of the pieces he called an interlace dirk. There's just something about that blade shape. His Damascus is amazing, the knotwork (filework) on the sterling silver bolsters really bring a lot of life to his pieces. Jonathan also had some great hat/coat/cloak pins made from sterling silver. The larger had 3 horses nose to tail on a circular pin. The smaller had 3 dogs nose to tail forming a circle. I bought one of the smaller ones, very Celtic! While at Jonathan's table I ran into Ron Nott (, his engraving has to be seen to be believed. The photo's do not come close to doing it justice.

While I was over at the Bladeart table I was talking with a friend (Tony Wang) and he said let me show you something your going to like. He takes this folder out and show's me this and he was right I liked it so much I bought it. It's a leaf blade folder. Sharpened only on one edge made from S30V with Ti liners and bolsters and carbon fiber slabs. It is just the funkiest piece I had seen in quite a while that still was a reasonably useful knife. Designed by Liong Mah (AncientSul on the forums) and built by John W. Smith. Turns out Tony and Liong have put a company together to get some custom collaboration knives produced.

I know I am forgetting some people and if so I apologize, like most shows after a while everything can become a blur.

After the show ... one of the great things about shows is the personally interaction between the collector and the knifemaker. Even better than the show is the after show dinner's.

Friday night I went out with Darrel Ralph, Steve Korn, Gene Baskett, Neil Ostroff thanks for correcting my pronunciation of French words that have been scavenged by the English language, David Dempsey, Brent Beshara, Rob Douglas, Michael Janich, Jason, Wally Hayes, Jack (the Battlegear host in Larchmont), Greg (NYC Firefighter) you may have seen his photo with Wally in one of the knifemags, He supplied a piece of World Trade Center Steel that Wally made into a Bowie and donated to the NYC Firefighters. There were 14 of us in all and dinner was great and a good time was had by everyone.

Saturday's dinner was also excellent. This time only the Battlegear crowd went and once again it was a laugh riot. Yes even a Canadian can show a New Yorker a restaurant that he hasn't been to before.


Jerry Oksman

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