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Old 05-24-2002, 08:11 PM
pierho global
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forge blowers, backyard adobe, and ideas to enhance th forge

1. What should I search for on ebay to find the hand blower
a. would a small hairdryer with a dimmer switch be fine?

2. I need some clarification on how to mix the adobe.
1 part construction sand
1 part wood ash (can I use the ash from charcoal birquets?)
1 part some sort of clay (maybe kitty litter, or some sort of potters clay?) mixed with water to make it like pankake batter
a few good handfuls of grass clippings from the yard

are the proportions about right or are they off.

3. Okay for the tyure it looks like the black plumbing pipe is the thing to use, but I have heard something about using a movable stopper in the tube to change the amount of the tyure in use

any idea's. I am thinking about drafting this out with measurments and building this thing using delta cad,
printing out the measured drawings and then scanning them in to be posted on this forum for the mass consumption of others. I am an obsessive planner before I actually do. With something that has the potential of putting me in the burn unit at Duke Medical I want to make sure that I have my bases covered, this IS not a thing to be taken lightly. I was very badly burned as a child, and I wish to never again have to endure the agony of having a burn debraded. Red hot metal, and a defective forge could do just that to me.

This is the appropriate group to make a safe experience out of this fantastic subject

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Old 05-24-2002, 08:28 PM
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Dan, One of the problems I read about constantly with the home made adobe liner is cracking. I did a bit of research and what I came up with is sand. Small sand that is rough not smooth and more of it in the mix. You want to be able to feel the grtiness or hear it if you grabbed a handful of your mud and started squeezing it with your hand. You will probably be in the 2 sand to 1 clay area. Pancake batter is too runny, you want it thicker. The ashes are good, consider them as part of your clay mix. If you had access to bricks to pulverize as well. A liitle grass or horse manure is good.

Just one dog's opinion.

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Old 05-25-2002, 02:29 AM
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Re: forge blowers, backyard adobe, and ideas to enhance th f

I put some rice flour in my adobe mix. Makes it very sticky and seemed to help with the cracking. Now I have so much ash in my forge it doesn't matter. I remember I tried the rice flour to repair a big chunk that had cracked off and I fired it up right away. Didn't let it dry more than an hour. Worked good with no cracking on the repair. I'm not sure if it will translate if you do a whole lineing without letting it dry. Came up with the idea after watching the Discovery channel. They used rice flour on some parts of the Great Wall and those places were less inclinded to crumble. Just figured I'd recycle an old idea.

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Old 05-25-2002, 07:42 AM
The Flaming Blade
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Re: forge blowers, backyard adobe, and ideas to enhance th f

It's been about 7 years since I experimented with adobe. I can't remember the exact protortions of the mix. You want sandy clay, mixed with plenty of straw. I think a bit of ash also helps. The sand and straw are what keep it from cracking. The straw binds the clay and creates dead air space so the clay body can expand and contract when heated and cooled. If I remember correctly I started with terra cotta throwing clay and mixed in some extra sand, ash and lots of straw. I never had problems with cracking.
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