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Old 10-11-2015, 01:47 PM
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Guys, you give them way too much credit. It's easy to ban someone from behind a computer, then hide it by not announcing it to the community, along with a justified reason.
Don't give them the credit that they don't deserve. It gives henchmen a bad name.

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Old 10-13-2015, 12:07 PM
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Originally Posted by Rick Bowles View Post
Howdy Folks,

I'm still alive and scratchin'. I'm honored to note that 2016 will mark the thirty-fifth year of my association with the Randall family. April 23, 2016 will mark the fifth anniversary of the untimely death of my friend Rhett Stidham. His passing also marked the beginning of the end for the forum that Rhett and I started as well as the demise of the Randall Knife Society. From 1989 until his passing, Rhett Stidham worked tirelessly to make the RKS the premier collector group for Randall Made Knives. There is not and likely will not be another organization like the RKS. I can say with complete conviction that Rhett would be deeply disappointed in what has become of his efforts.

Perhaps one day I'll publish the entire story of what transpired after April 2011 to leave us where we are today. Though I'm aware of what our forum has become, for now I take a great deal of pleasure in not dealing with the drama.

For those of us that have been banned (and I was the first), you should wear it as a badge of honor. Rhett would appreciate that. I will say that I find it comical that "the other forum" still carries the banner "A place where EVERYONE is welcome to join in on the discussion of knives and other sharp things". I would add "as long as you don't disagree with the dictator".
Thanks Rick for your comment. It ticks me off no end to see that someone with your relationship that you have had with the Randall's over the years, could have possibly be banned from anything Randall, not to mention by someone that doesn't even care one way or the other about Randalls.

I was looking at some of your work featured in Bob Gaddis' book, and reading about you on page 269, when I read the statement that you had been working with the Randall's since the early '80's, and Bob commented that neither you or Gary Randall can " foresee any reason to change the arrangement." Kind of surreal.

All I can say Rick, is that it's a pleasure to be on the forum that you are a part of!

For those of you who don't have Bob Gaddis' book Randall Made Knives: A history of the Man and the Blades, here is one of the featured photos on page 271 of the book.

Rick, if I may ask, is your relationship with the Randall shop still good? I certainly hope so. I don't own one of your pieces, but intend to at some point. On a Rick Bowles special!

Rick, you are a tremendous asset to this forum.

Thanks, Sam Granade
Old 10-13-2015, 04:54 PM
Rick Bowles Rick Bowles is offline
Join Date: Jun 2004
Location: Virginia Beach, VA
Posts: 179
My relationship with the Randall shop and the Randall family is as it has been for 35 years. I was banned from the old forum because I tried to stop the new owner from taking advantage of a grieving widow for nothing more than money. For what it's worth, I have let it be known that I will not, under any circumstances, contribute to that forum as long as it's administered and controlled by a supercilious, autocratic twit who has no knowledge, interest or affection for Randall Made Knives.
Old 10-13-2015, 06:47 PM
brucegodlesky brucegodlesky is offline
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I just happened to see this thread after not being here for a loooong time.
It did pique my interest as I had some contact with some of the folks from the "collectors" club at the Blade show in June. And it was not really what I would call a pleasure. Mebbe some of you folks could "enlighten " me .
I own a early 50's era Randall #4-8, iirc. That's really irrelavent to this all. I showed it around there to a number of the fellas in the Randall booths. This knife has some provenance as it is inscribed with the owners SS number and initials on a NS plate in the ebony butt.
Every dang guy I showed it to told me it was a 300 dollar knife . That was like the given mantra from all I spoke to. Seemed like they had a rehearsed response for anyone intruding on their space. I didn't bother explain what Tom Clinton had told me about the knife when I first acquired it, mebbe 10 or 12 yrs ago. Their number was waaaay off what Tom had quoted me.
I think what I'm trying to say is, I understand the crappy attitude described above. I certainly don't like it but such is life. Really dislike people pissin' on my shoes and telling me it's raining. Thanks for listening. I'm gonna keep the friggin' knife and use it.
bruce Godlesky/birdogForge

I love all of God's creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.
Old 10-13-2015, 07:28 PM
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Hi Bruce
Thanks for your post.
Not sure who you talked with at blade. Maybe it would be a good idea to start a new thread, and post a few pics along with what you know about the knife, and maybe some of the knowledable guys here can give you some input about it.

Regards, Sam G
Old 10-13-2015, 09:13 PM
brucegodlesky brucegodlesky is offline
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Join Date: Dec 2006
Location: w Pa
Posts: 189
I'll do that Sam. I know a coupla the commedians I talked to. Their self -importance didn't go far with me....

I love all of God's creatures, right next to the mashed potatoes and gravy.
Old 10-27-2015, 03:28 PM
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OK, so here is precisely what we have been referring to about "those in charge" over at ktf.

It was brought to my attention that my name was brought up over there, so I checked it out. It was a thread where many members were questioning why people are being banned.

Here was an inquiry as to why I was banned:

Originally Posted by member of ktf
] I'm not a literary scholar, so bear with me and I'll try and word this the best that I can.

It was brought to my attention the other day that Sam G. has been banned from this forum. Why ??

I can only surmise that it was due to the question he posed in regards to GTR's participation on the forum. I believe the question was taken not in the context for what he meant. But, those are just my thoughts.

A lot of good people have been banned from here as of late, and this forum has and will suffer from their loss. These guys put in a tremendous amount of time and research into their posts, and they have a very passionate love of Randall's. I personally enjoyed reading the threads they generated, and It's been some GOOD reading in the last year due to their input.

Because it seems we run into personality conflicts, and fellow forum members disagreeing on their findings, we end up losing these guys. Whether their findings are right, wrong or indifferent is beside the point. They are bring content to the forum that is lacking miserably, and we keep running them off.

Their research has led to generating some excellent threads (actually some of the best) in the past year, and POOF they're gone !!

We're all grown and mature individuals and I believe we would truly benefit if the bans were lifted on ALL, and lets invite some of the previous posters back.

IF there are problems, which I doubt, then they could be handled on an as needed basis at the time.

What say you ???

An honest observation by a forum member,
Sounds like a reasonable inquiry, right?

Here was Turbevilles response.

Originally Posted by Rick Turbeville
Unfortunately time has proven that not all can get along in one forum. It's good that there are multiple forums around to accommodate different personalities. Some here have not been happy and started their own forums years ago. Nothing wrong with that.

I don't like banning people and do only for one simple reason and that is some people just can't let things go. Unfortunately this type of medium promotes constant misunderstandings and misinterpreted intentions. Most can get past that but some take it on with the fervor of a life and death battle and once things get personal I will take action.

SamG's ban would have most likely been temporary until he could calm himself down and come to grips with the fact he was not on some crusade for truth and righteousness but instead just got worked up over nothing. Instead he has chosen to participate in some ugly mud slinging at this forum and what I consider personal attacks on a another forum that seems to exist solely to attack this forum. So sorry he's not coming back. Unfortunately others before him have taken the same path. If you care to go to that forum and read the crap that is being posted I think you will realize pretty quickly that your statement "We're all grown and mature individuals" is not 100% accurate.

My number one goal here has been to keep the forum peaceful and respectful with a modest amount of supervision and I think to a large degree that has been accomplished.

Please remember you will always have a place here if your goal is enjoying knife collecting in general and Randall knives in particular.

I don't see how a continued discussion of this will be helpful so I am locking this thread.



I really don't have much to say about this response, other than to say that this is how they handle honest questions and inquiries, squelch it by locking the thread, or banning if one doesn't shut up.

Personal attacks, and mud slinging by me? I don't think so. All that is evidenced in Ricks quote above.

I do appreciate the ones who have asked why I was banned. The record is there for anyone to see in the threads I participated in. With the exception of the ones where they were ugly to me, they were deleted. I captured some of them for my record.

I have absolutely no interest in going back to ktf. There are some great folks there, but also some who have let a little power and control go to their head.
They should remember that we are all Randall customers, though my interest is being challenged. After the misunderstanding of my post about GTR, I sent an email to the shop letting them know that my post was misunderstood..... No response....

It is what it is.

Thanks, Sam G

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Old 10-27-2015, 03:49 PM
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Yeah completely neutral party here, from the evidence presented, it's clear that the owner is a little power crazed. IMHO, the only time you should ban someone from a forum is if they're posting profanity or strictly trying to troll people. Banning someone because they refuse to agree with you is silly and will only drive people away.

Your comments didn't appear to me as an attack. I wonder if the person in question even knew your posts existed. I guess the PC police found you and determined that you might potentially offend someone. We all know in today's society offending someone with your views just can't be allowed.

Old 10-28-2015, 07:17 AM
cochise cochise is offline
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The problem with computer is that your words can be misconstrued too easliy. I am a member over there since 2005 and seldom post. What it was, and what KTF has become is not good. If I had more to say I would post more.

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Old 10-28-2015, 02:07 PM
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Posts: 651
Thanks Cochise.
You are right, misunderstanding of words can easily happen. What was unfortunate was that when I was questioned and asked about what I meant about my statement about GTR, I explained, but was not believed. In other words, their interpretation was more important than my meaning. Talk about arrogance. I was accused of taking a shot at Gary Randall. Let's see if that makes sense. I collect his beautiful knives, and I have never met him. Hey, seems like a good enough reason to suspect rude them anyway.

I am glad many others didn't take it that way. It certainly wasn't intended that way. I would have no reason to insult Gary.

Heck, I had reason to go after Stanaback, but didn't. Not until he insulted me for no reason.

It's time to let it go, and I thank those here for allowing me to defend myself in a public forum, after being wrongfully insulted over at ktf.

Regards, Sam
Old 10-28-2015, 06:58 PM
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Location: Matthews NC
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I said in my last post it was time to let it is, but I just disdain when someone misrepresents what I have said, especially when I can't post over there to set the record straight.

In their thread "something oddish" a member misquoted an observation that I made here on this forum. His quote:

Originally Posted by member ktf
Yeah, pretty close. Perhaps a bit wider, but the influence is there.

I recall in the not too distant past someone claimed Heiser's "pointed" stone pouch flap was an irrefutable Heiser trait.

Just goes to show that there are subtle variations even from the same manufacturer.

I made the observation that the Heiser flap was blunted, not pointed. Further more, never stated it was irrefutable. Here was my actual observation in my 2nd post of the "Early RMK sheath belt loop end die differences" thread on this forum:

Originally Posted by samg
I have looked at hundreds of pictures of these pockets, and though there are slight variations, the Heiser/HKL IMO appear to be blunted at the end, where the Johnson made flap ends were more pointed. Again, it comes down to the die shape.

Rather than stating that it was irrefutable, I concluded on that 2nd post:

Originally Posted by samg
If you have a different opinion let's see them, that's what this research is all about. Please post the entire sheath, front and back for comparison.

This is what drove me nuts over there at ktf. I put a lot of time into research, never claimed authority, only observations, out in the open to be proved or disproved.


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Old 10-29-2015, 08:58 AM
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Good to see said member on the ktf forum clarified and corrected the record about my statement about hone pocket flaps.

Originally Posted by ktf member
Referencing stone pouch flaps, whether it is Johnson or Heiser, the variations as to pointed or blunt shows there is variations from the same manufacturer.

In other words, not all Heisers are blunt, nor are they all pointed. Same with Johnson, although I will say Johnson was probably more consistent. That is all.

I hope this clears up any misunderstandings or incorrect quotes by myself, but I believe the gist of my previous post is clear to most.

I'm not quite sure what " I believe the gist of my previous post is clear to most" means, but I would guess that it means "its OK that I COMPLETELY misquote someone, but you know what I mean." This is the root of the problem over there at ktf.

This simple illustration is a perfect example of why I was accused of being on a "crusade for truth" over there. My comment about the flaps was obviously an observation, based on looking at many sheaths. The ktf member completely twisted what I said. If we are going to reference a statement by another member, at least get it right. I have always positioned my comments as observations, not irrefutable evidence.

It was these type of irresponsible, incorrect statements that I sought to correct, that landed me in the banned bin for "not letting it go" as the owner of the ktf forum mischaracterized me. I guess the style can be called bait and ban.

I will always defend my position, and if some want to label me as a crusader for truth, then I guess that's a good thing. After all, isn't it a good thing to try and prevent ANYONE from twisting your words?

Again, as I said before, its what drove me nuts over at ktf

Regards, Sam G

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Old 10-29-2015, 12:06 PM
TAH TAH is offline
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Sam, I have to say that I closely followed and contributed to your posts regarding Heiser and early RBJ sheath observations and not once did I ever feel that you were out of line or disrespectful. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and the mystery of it all. It was good clean fun to dig a little deeper into the topic. Certainly more fun than doing yard work.
Old 10-29-2015, 03:04 PM
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Thanks Tom.
You posted many photos and ideas that contributed to the fun of those threads. That's what it should be about.

In hind sight, a narrative had been established regarding the sheaths years ago, and when Jacks findings and observations came to light, many members posted in support of these observations, but to protect the established narrative, though not founded on solid research, the personal attacks and smokescreens began, and any further findings were squelched. Case closed. Though others of the "establishment" did the insulting and name calling, we were banned.

It has been said that many in the collecting community have accepted the findings as a result of Jacks in depth, insightful research about the maker of these sheaths. It's was Jack and Ron's conviction that caused me to look into it, and found more consistent evidence that led me to the same conclusions. I didn't care which camp was right, I paid attention only to the evidence.

It was fun Tom, and thanks for all of your contributions to the subject.

Regards, Sam G.
Old 07-23-2017, 12:06 PM
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I don't collect Randalls, but I appreciate them and enjoy the Randall Made Knife threads here. I agree wholeheartedly about the 3/16" thick blade for woodcrafting being too thick, the only thing that thickness is good for is batoning or fighting. I personally am of the opinion that if you want to chop wood bring a small hatchet, it will work better than any knife that isn't a huge Bowie. I guess RMK is following the "thicker is better" fad for knives. I have seen some as short as 2 1/2 inches and 5/32 thick. A thick knife is fine for a fighter, but I wouldn't want to clean a trout with it.

I never read this thread before as it was before I joined this Forum. I have been on other forums and I personally find this one to be the best in my experience. I have learned and hopefully taught a thing or two and have learned more about Randalls than elsewhere.
Closed Thread

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