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Old 01-03-2017, 08:28 AM
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And to clarify, the analogy of "cutting barb wire, digging a hole and whittling a fence post" was using hyperbole to make a point. I really HAVE seen a YouTube of a guy pounding his blades through a concrete block to demonstrate how tough they are. To what end? I've read of a guy who claims he can hammer his blades, cutting through nails. Again, to what end? Never would or should a knife be used for that, so it fails me as to the usefulness of these type tests.

And in the end, as Crex stated above, ^^ what really matters is how well the knife functions for it's intended purpose IMO.

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Old 01-03-2017, 08:49 AM
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When I give the above testing advice I try to remember to say that you should always perform those tests with the best commercial knife you have before testing your blade. That gives you something to compare to as our blades should easily out perform most commercial blades.

To try to say you should get 100 cuts in cardboard, for instance, can't work because the cardboard you have might not be the same weight I used or your steel might not be the same as mine. So, you have to set your own goals against the best knife you own. Once you exceed the limits of that commercial knife then the knife you made now becomes the basis for testing the next knife and so on, better and better each time.

If the brass rod leaves the tip bent that could be OK if the blade can otherwise pass your other tests. Or, it could mean that your temper was too high. Depends on whether or not you feel that blade should hold an edge for as long as possible - in which case the tip probably should have chipped instead of bent - or if you think that blade should be as tough as possible in which case bending a little might be better than chipping. There are no absolutes, the 'best' parameters are the ones that match the purpose for which you made the knife....


Your question may already have been answered - try the Search button first!

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Old 01-04-2017, 07:48 AM
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If you'll research back to a lot of the threads Ray and others have posted over the years on this particular subject, you will find where one or more have placed the caveat that the cutting portion of testing be compared to ones' favorite "store bought" knife of similar design. Not every time but recurs with great regularity. Guess it should be a tag along footnote each time the issue comes up.

One problem is a lot of things about knives in general are subjective and not quantitative. Trash or treasure sot of thing. Most of us that use knives hard everyday are going to have a vastly different opinion from those that cut the occasional string, open a box or gut the yearly deer. Just the way it is.

In short - I understand what you are saying and asking - don't think you will get a single definitive answer. But....don't stop looking, it's always good to talk these things over and over.

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