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The Sheath/Holster Makers Forum This is the place to discuss all forms of sheath and holster making.

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Old 10-17-2015, 04:08 PM
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Custom Knife maker looking for someone to do our Kydex & Leather Sheaths

Gentlemen, we are a new custom & semi-custom knife manufacturer and we are looking for a vendor/s who can produce Leather & Kydex sheaths. At this time I cannot give an exact number but response has been very good, so we are thinking maybe 1000 units in the first year. We are NOT looking for the $25 leather sheath. We understand you are in business. We are providing a very high-end product and expect the same from our partners. We know it will cost us and ultimately the customer. The Kydex sheath will be the basic come-with-the-knife sheath, our leather option will be ordered by the customer as an add-on to the sale of the knife.

With those of you who express interest, we can sign NDA's and then provide our: name, designs, our sheath designs.

Without being presumptuous, we will more than likely have to have several, if not more of you out there providing for us, to meet quantity, while being able to allow your small work shops to maintain quality for us. So please do not count yourself out if you are small. We have reached to a handful of larger manufacturers but have had no return response...

I look forwarded to speaking with those that are interested. Have a great day.
Erik Hansen
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Old 10-17-2015, 08:54 PM
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sheathmaker sheathmaker is offline
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Erik, sounds interesting?..but, (and I speak only for myself), I'd have to have a lot more information about your company: history, sales volume, products, production facilities, credit rating, BBB repot etc., before I would consider doing business with you, or through you.

Secondly, unless you or your people are well versed in sheath production, including design and execution I would wonder if you know what is possible and what is not which would certainly have a bearing on the business relationship.

Next, would I be working directly with and for you and look to you for payment or would it be handed off and the deal consummated between me and the customer? I actually think I'd like that better. That way the customer could get a much more customized version of a sheath for their knife, and there would be no middle man between me and the customer.

My contact information is below in my sig line. I couldn't find any contact information for you.

Paul Long

*Custom leather sheaths only, no Kydex

Basic Pouch Sheaths and Advanced Blade sheaths DVDs are available at ***New third DVD available at the same web site***

Paul Long-- 108 Briarwood Ln. W.-- Kerrville, Texas 78028-- Ph. 830 367 5536---

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Old 10-18-2015, 11:01 AM
erichansen99 erichansen99 is offline
Join Date: Oct 2015
Posts: 2
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Paul, thank you for the response. I sent you an email answering your questions and I can send some photos once you respond and we get an NDA signed. What is your relationship with Chris Crawford? Or was that just for our education?

I will add some of the email I sent you here to provide more details for others who may also be interested.

We are a new company, so: BBB, sales, history, etc. is non-existent. FOBOS (For Operators By Operators) is the company name, owned by two individuals, myself, a 28 year US Army Special Operator & a 20+ year MARSOC Marine. Our military back grounds and service reputations will have to work as our past performance.

We have our own design and are in need of a vendor/s to prototype and produce. The knife maker who is making our knives is a fairly well known and very respected personality in the community, and he is, at this time, behind the scenes. His relationship with us is unique, and I can not discuss its evolution here. So please do not misinterpret my brevity on that subject.

My vision is to do this much like most everything else that is manufactured, our design, specs, & quality control, supported by the manufacturers expertise and capability in production. So the relationship would be just that, you would be producing, because you have the capability, what we order. You can verbally identify to people that you are one of the vendors who produces FOBOS sheaths but it will not be memorialized or openly advertised. This is a branding concern. Which will be written into your contract.

As far as the business relationship, we identify our design and you tell us how much you need to make it and we either move forward with each other or we don't, very very simple.

The stock removal knives will be water jetted for size & shape consistency from CPM154CM and you will have a blank to make the sheaths from. If we need to send a knife directly to you because of its uniqueness to make the sheath then we will.

A moniker I use consistently use is "the company you keep." So please understand, we are picking you... just as you are picking us.

I hope this helps. If you inquire we can sign NDA's and start communicating privately via email. I look forward to chatting with you.
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