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Good hunting knife may be a subjective call for each of us, but overall Iíd say,

(1) size and shape suited for the given task. Am I bonding out an elk or falay a fish? Iím of the mind the no one blade really does it all well. I personally carry two blades with me when hunting. Can ether do it all, sure, but not always easiest.

(2) stays sharp for as long as possible. I hate having to stop multiple times when dressing out game to resharpen.

(3) is easy to sharpen in the field. Too many times Iíve had guys bring me blades that are from super steel that are just about impossible to sharpen on stones. In my mind it doesnít make scenes to have a blade that requires a machine shop to get back to where you need to be. Blades get dull if you use them, thatís a fact of life. My luck usually runs that it happens out in the field , farthest from my bench.

People fight over carbon vs Stainless. I like both for different reasons. Both can give you a good blade, carbon does require you to be a bit more careful about your blade care.


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