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Starting with the basics?

So I've been making knives for a couple years, doing it decent for a year or two. After perusing the web for hours on end and seeing Coop's work (and others) and being astonished/impressed, I really have the desire to create quality pictures of my work. I've been using a ghetto light box and a run of the mill digital camera for the last year and it doesn't come close to cutting it. At the same time I feel I've stumbled into a country that speaks a different language and can't make heads from tails.

So the question is, where can I learn the basics (and advanced stuff in progression)? If you guys have any type of advice on how to acquire this knowledge I would be grateful. I'm a young guy and have no problem with technology but many terms and photography things are thrown around that I'm sure is basic, but I have no clue about photography. So where do I start?

I'm going to set up a much better light box as a starting point, but would like to get into editing software and so on. I try to pick up what I can from the forums and searching on my own, but it's much easier to learn something knew if there is everything laid out and explained.

Thanks, I appreciate guidance.
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