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Most folks I know, including myself, use a tumbler from Harbor Freight....

Media is tends to be more of a personal choice from maker to maker. I like:

I also have to ask.... do you intend on selling your knives? The reason I ask is that I noticed a maker's mark on the blade in the pics. Just some advice from someone who has produced and sold knives for 30+ years. Using your NAME on your knives is your advertising, and is the way that people find you. I see more and more makers using initials, or some obscure logo, that they always tell me has some deep personal meaning..... people don't care. If they can't look at your maker's mark and easily find you, they will just move on, to another maker that they can locate. Serious knife buyers also view the lack of a name on blades as the maker not having enough pride in their work to put their name on it. That's just some advice.

There are times I think I should say "Thank you" to those who choose to use initials or obscure logos as a maker's mark..... often I have folks ask me if I know who the maker(s) are using such things for their mark....and when I tell them I have no idea, those folks often end up buying a knife from me. Just sayin.


"Nobody cares what you know.....until they know you care."

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