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Friend Lora Moser,
I would recommend that you look for an older model Singer leather machine. These are 60 lb. industrial machines that have a roller foot on the bottom and one on the top. Mine was made in the late 1940's or early 50's. The inner parts are still like new and it never misses a stitch. This is not a saddle stitching unit. I use it for making knife scabbards and to sew boots. The side seam on a pair of cowboy boots has a composit of 6 layers of leather and the machine never fails. I use a 4:1 speed reducer which gives the needle a lot more torque.
I have a tippman boss that ha never been of any worth. I have shipped it back to the company 4 times and it still is not right.
The older Singer machines that are normal sized or about 20 lbs, are a good choice for the lighter leather work.

I would recommend you contact a sewing machine dealer that has on elderly worker that might know where to get a heavy machine that is designed for leather. You tube has a lady that makes cowboy boots, Lisa Sorrels. She is an excellent resource and a super fine person.

I wish you well in your search. LP
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