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Originally Posted by jimmontg View Post
Yeah your handles could use a little rounding off, but they look pretty nice anyway. Your blades look really good.

Did you inquire at your Tandy store about when they'll have instructors available? They usually have free classes on Saturdays. Also did they have some nice 8oz half shoulders?
My very first knife sheath turned out alright because of what they taught me there. I tooled a simple border around it. Now I tool the whole sheath, why? Because I can.
The folks at Tandy were awesome. I definitely plan on taking some classes there. Got a nice set of starter tools. They actually had full shoulders on sale so the rep helped pick out a nice one. She also recommended a instructional book. Super helpful. I used some to get a feel for the leather and the tools. Wanted to get my hands on. Watched a couple of Tandys videos as well. I think Iím going to enjoy working with leather.
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