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wondering about age of this 1-7

I think is a old (perhaps WW2-vintage) Randal 1-7 and might have been my grandfathers. I found it in a box of stuff while looking for a a 19/32" drill bit (which I couldn't find).

See pictures here:

I'm wondering when it was made?

Interesting bits I noticed.

The blade is 7 5/16" long.

The stamp appears to have been double-struck -- See the "E" in "MADE".

I can easily feel a depression in the body of the knife where the stamp was struck. The chamfer in the blade above the stamp appears to have been flattened out because of the force used in the stamping.

The leather thong on the handle is threaded through two holes on the cap assembly on the end of the handle. I think I've only seen one image with that threading through holes.

Don't know if the sheath is original -- haven't seen one like it looking at other images. There is no pocket for a sharpening stone. There is a star shape on the back of the sheath -- I'm assuming it was added by a previous owner.

Thanks for any help or ideas!
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