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The old T12 fixtures (made in USA) were not compatible with the new T8 instant start 6500K LED bulbs. Lowes has some economy shop lights so I picked up one fixture to test:

These T8 LED 6500K bulbs but in a 4 pack at $19.98:

16 pack $68.92:

Total cost per fixture is about $26 with bulbs.

Made no sense to me to buy a new ballast at $14-$28 per for this. Granted these will not be the higher line ballasts that will last 20-30 years, they are disposable. Will convert the old fixtures to direct driven bulbs. The output of the new LED bulbs is sufficiently bright that I don't feel it is necessary for my work area to supplement with area task lights.

If you are interested these desk lamps at $13 from Ikea:

These are the bulbs I have in other fixtures:


75 watt

Costco has these in 10 packs and they come on in store sales/they aren't listed in the mailers.


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